Foxtale’s 2011 Photography Gift Guide (and story time)

What was your first camera? That’s what I was asking Lucy the other day. She said she had a pink Kodak Mickey Mouse camera that her dad had bought her on a trip to Disney one year. Mine wasn’t too different. I had a blue Fisher-Price camera with these big rubber ends so it wouldn’t break if you dropped it. I remember it took this 110 film that came in a preloaded canister so you didn’t have to fiddle with winding it. I wonder how much of the film from these cameras were actually developed and saved, though.


It was cool to have your own little camera back then but I’m jealous of kids nowadays. My good friend Akiko was telling me what she was buying her kids for Christmas this year: A Canon Powershot SX150 IS point & shoot camera. I looked over the specs – really good for it’s price! Why? I think a nice large LCD screen is what’s really going to help kids learn how to use the camera. That’s what we were jealous of now because children now get instant feedback on their photos (instead of forgetting about it and never seeing what you actually shot). I also love that it has a 14x zoom lens—much better than our static fixed lenses. Beyond that, it has a nice sensor (probably way too many megapixels, but that’s okay) and an easy button layout.

That said, save a few more bucks and head over to Target this week where they have a previous model (Canon Powershot SX130 IS) of this camera for only $100. If your kids are like any kids I know, you want something that you’re not going to mind if it gets lost or destroyed, so they’re not going to miss anything in terms of quality between the two. Save yourself $120.


A portrait session with Foxtale Photography, of course. A pampered beauty shoot for your wife, a romantic couples shoot, or a relaxing afternoon Family shoot, we would love to help give your loved ones a gift that they’ll remember forever. This one won’t be shoved under the bed or stuck in the closet after a few months (or days). And for this special time of year, we’re offering $50 print credit with every session purchased until December 25th. Our gift to you.



Maybe you (or someone you know) was bitten by the photography bug and you’re not sure what kind of gift to get them. Think outside of lenses and bodies and get something to make their photos a little more stylish and cool. Photoshop Actions are a way to add that character to your photos, maybe make them look a little more like film or make those colors pop. My friends K. Miller Photography and Sara Lynn Paige both offer beautiful action sets that add character and beauty to all of your snapshots.

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