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If you’ve never had a cake pop, you have to try one. I imagined it to be just a fluffy ball of cake wrapped with icing and you finish it in one bite. I was wrong. Instead, when you bite in it’s a sweet filling ball of deliciousness that takes four or five bites to really devour. Don’t let the size of them fool you.

I can’t speak for all cake pops, but this is true of Littlebits Cake Pops—an Ocala-based kitchen operation started by pop-trepreneur Elizabeth Schor. It all started a few years ago when the young wife and mom got the itch to take her creativity and package it in a cool new treat. She told us that the first year was spent perfecting her recipes and flavors which has paid off since she’s the queen of cake pops in Central Florida.

As apt as the name is for her business, Littlebits doesn’t come from the cake pops themselves but Elizabeth’s nickname growing up. Her daughter and sometimes-assistant, Kaylee, still wears her mom’s shirt from high school sporting the nickname.

While seasonal flavors like the strawberry cheesecake are favorites during the recent Strawberry Festival in downtown Ocala, daughter Kaylee’s favorite flavor is the chocolate raspberry. Okay—Kaylee was hard pressed to even choose a favorite flavor because she likes so many of them. Kaylee also told us when her friends come over, it’s pretty normal for them to ask, “Is your mom going to have any cake pops around?”

You’ll find Elizabeth almost every weekend downtown at Ocala’s farmer’s market with a selection of flavors and colorfully decorated cake pops. They’re always fresh, typically made the night before late into the night when she does the majority of her cooking and decorating. The long hours she puts in now she know will pay off as more and more people are calling to have custom cake pop bouquets and collections to cater their birthdays, weddings, and special events. She recently created a custom-designed aqua-marine cake pop with the cutest yellow rubber duckies on top for a customer’s baby shower (it’s a boy). Make sure to go over to her Facebook page to check it out and some of her other custom designs that she updates almost daily:

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Littlebits Cake Pop | Foxtale Photography

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