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Not long after our recent session with Roe, we spent the afternoon with local high school senior Nicole. We’re lucky to get to work with such great people and I think it really comes through in the photos. This shoot is a great example of why we choose to do environmental portraits. Nicole seemed to really appreciate seeing some cool areas of Ocala she may not have visited before. For your photos, it adds that bit of personality and natural beauty that you just can’t recreate in a studio.

Just a reminder, if you plan on getting your graduation announcements and yearbook pages designed before the end of the 2012 school year, call us now to reserve your session as we’re booking quickly and there’s not much time left.

High school senior from Ocala Florida.
Fun teen portrait shoot in Central Florida.

Wing Tang Wong Photography - Great color and emotion in your portrait session! Wish you were in California! 🙂

Kim - Loved this shoot, you guys! All the locations you picked were perfect — especially that bright orange wall. And wow, does she ever have some crazy gorgeous eyes!

Roe | Ocala Senior Portrait Photographers | Foxtale Photography

One of the best parts of our business is getting to meet cool new people in town. Roe is no exception. We had a great time with this up-and-coming rockstar who is also a rockstar in front of the camera. For this shoot, we pulled out some new locations we’ve wanted to shoot here in Ocala and they turned out awesome. Even though we’re known as the brick city, we love finding areas that have even more to offer.

Winter and spring are becoming quickly booked, so if you’re considering getting your high school senior portraits with us, contact us soon to schedule your portrait session. Thanks for your support everyone, keep a look out for more Foxtale shoots!

Bronwyn - She looks so confident with the camera/you guys. These are gorgeous.

Nicole | Ocala High School Senior Photographers | Foxtale Photography » Foxtale Photography - […] long after our recent session with Roe, we spent the afternoon with local high school senior Nicole. We’re lucky to get to work with […]

Kim - Wow. She’s absolutely gorgeous. That first shot of her is so perfect. And *of course*, I love the jumping one. 🙂

Island Grove Wine Company | Foxtale Photography

When you think wines and wineries, I don’t know if Florida is the first place to pop into people’s heads. However, just between Ocala and Gainesville there’s a giant blueberry farm, native plant nursery, and yes—a winery. We jumped at the chance to photograph the owner and crew at their new wine-making facility and historic Cracker-style hunting cabin. We spent the day at the Island Grove Wine Company  learning and documenting how they make their blueberry and other fruit wines.

To get to the winery, you drive down dirt roads that bring back memories of old Florida. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ old stomping grounds are only a stone’s throw away. When you make that last turn to the farms, you realize the scale of the operation. Just the winery itself is impressive, holding over six gigantic distilling containers, a bottling facility, and a beautiful tasting room and scenic deck looking out on the farm.

We have a soft spot for the old hunting cabin in the back of the farm. The inside has been renovated but not to the point of losing it’s old-style charm. It reminded me of our family’s old hunting grounds and hunting cabins in Marshall Swamp. In the evening as we photographed our final shots for the day, the quietness of the land without nearby roads or neighbors made for one of our most peaceful shoots to date. Oh, and the cheesecake with fresh blueberries weren’t so bad afterward, either.

This was all made possible through the graciousness of my friend and talented designer Sarah Aschliman  and her father (featured holding the wine below) Ken Patterson. If the pictures alone don’t make you thirsty, do yourself a favor and get a bottle (or three) of their delicious wines.

Kim - Oooh the last one! And the third to last one! That light is so gorgeous in both of them.