Get Inspired! Foxtale’s Look Book No. 4 is now live!

Each time a new look book comes out, it’s pretty exciting for us. Lucy and I started our journey in the photography business when we opened up shop back in 2010. We’ve had the pleasure to work with all kinds of clients and meet photographers from all over the world. The look books that we’ve been creating the last two years are really for us but we’re happy that all of you seem to like them just as much as we do. When I say the words, “Get Inspired!”—it’s as much for us as it is for anyone reading.

With our fourth edition now live on our website and on Issuu, we wanted to bring the season of Spring to life. An oasis, a nursery, and a literal spring, we hoped to capture that warmth and reenergizing feeling of the season. The three incredible young women gracing this issue inspired us every step of the way with their own style and energy.

Featured on the cover of this issue is Blair, a recent University of Florida graduate (actually, she may be graduating today!) who met us around day break at the very cool The Greenhouse Nursery in Gainesville. We had the place to ourselves and explored the grounds with our cameras. She’s already doing great things but we wish her continued success post graduation.

Along with Blair, a newcomer to our look books is Christy—a student at my alma mater, the University of Central Florida. We met up at Wekiva Springs, a place we’ve always wanted to shoot and made some amazing portraits that afternoon. There were some close calls with the wildlife, but we all made it out with all of our limbs attached.

Lastly, you’ll remember Marlene from the cover feature of our second look book. This shoot took place near Jacksonville Beach where we stumbled upon a beautiful oasis that felt apart from the world. As always, Marlene did such an amazing job and brought a real feeling of magic and elegance to her session.

We hope you love this issue as much as we loved creating it. Share the link with your friends and let us know what you think! Until next time…

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Littlebits Cake Pops | Foxtale Photography

elizabeth schor woman holding cake pop queen

If you’ve never had a cake pop, you have to try one. I imagined it to be just a fluffy ball of cake wrapped with icing and you finish it in one bite. I was wrong. Instead, when you bite in it’s a sweet filling ball of deliciousness that takes four or five bites to really devour. Don’t let the size of them fool you.

I can’t speak for all cake pops, but this is true of Littlebits Cake Pops—an Ocala-based kitchen operation started by pop-trepreneur Elizabeth Schor. It all started a few years ago when the young wife and mom got the itch to take her creativity and package it in a cool new treat. She told us that the first year was spent perfecting her recipes and flavors which has paid off since she’s the queen of cake pops in Central Florida.

As apt as the name is for her business, Littlebits doesn’t come from the cake pops themselves but Elizabeth’s nickname growing up. Her daughter and sometimes-assistant, Kaylee, still wears her mom’s shirt from high school sporting the nickname.

While seasonal flavors like the strawberry cheesecake are favorites during the recent Strawberry Festival in downtown Ocala, daughter Kaylee’s favorite flavor is the chocolate raspberry. Okay—Kaylee was hard pressed to even choose a favorite flavor because she likes so many of them. Kaylee also told us when her friends come over, it’s pretty normal for them to ask, “Is your mom going to have any cake pops around?”

You’ll find Elizabeth almost every weekend downtown at Ocala’s farmer’s market with a selection of flavors and colorfully decorated cake pops. They’re always fresh, typically made the night before late into the night when she does the majority of her cooking and decorating. The long hours she puts in now she know will pay off as more and more people are calling to have custom cake pop bouquets and collections to cater their birthdays, weddings, and special events. She recently created a custom-designed aqua-marine cake pop with the cutest yellow rubber duckies on top for a customer’s baby shower (it’s a boy). Make sure to go over to her Facebook page to check it out and some of her other custom designs that she updates almost daily:

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Littlebits Cake Pop | Foxtale Photography

Ocala Florida Portrait Photographers | Kayleigh | Foxtale Photography

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It’s always great when we get to work with people as fun and energetic as Kayleigh. It’s been a little while since we’ve actually photographed a session in Ocala and fortunately we had enough of a break in the crazy winter weather to do so. As most of you know, a lot of our work comes from all around Central Florida so it’s always a treat when we get to shoot in town. We don’t always realize how much energy you use during a shoot so it’s always nice when you don’t have to get back in the car and drive two hours home. We had the chance to work with Kayleigh after meeting her at Ruthy Young’s hair salon on Fort King. During her session with her boyfriend Dylan, we broke away for a minute to get some gorgeous individual portraits and we just had to share them on the blog. We hope you enjoy them!

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