Foxtale Photography | CraftOberfest 2011

This Saturday, Pi on Broadway hosted the first CraftOberfest in Downtown Ocala where beer aficionados could come out and taste craft brews from all over the country. The place was packed and everyone had a great time sampling, listening to live music from Pi’s rooftop, and playing corn hole with the Rotary Club International of Ocala. The girls form Jezebels dropped by to help serve and add some German flair to the event. The cooler October weather made it that much better. Thanks to Tom McDonald (last photo on the bottom right) for having us come out and capture the event. Support local business!

One year ago today | Travel Photography |Foxtale Photography

It’s been one year since  we returned from our 30 day adventure traveling across the U.S. on JetBlue’s All You Can Jet promotion. Little did we know that last year was going to be the last time that they offered this promotion, we really lucked out because it was truly a trip of a lifetime. This trip was what inspired us to start our photography business, so thank you JetBlue!

1st stop  Portland, Maine


2nd stop Washington D.C.


3rd stop Austin, Texas


4th stop San Francisco, California


5th stop Yellowstone National Park

6th stop Seattle, Washington


7th stop Boston, Massachusetts 


8th stop Ponce, Puerto Rico

Thank you again, to all our friends and family who hosted us during this great adventure!

Foxtale Photography | Cheyenne and Justin | Wedding + Engagement Photographers

I don’t know if you can get much cuter than Cheyenne and Justin. Okay, maybe the blue-eyed baby alpaca that we met on the same day during our shoot with the couple. So beware: cute couple, cute alpacas… there could be a cute overload.

While Ocala is traditionally known for horses, we wanted to do something a little different for this couple’s session and Chey and Justin loved the idea. Let’s face it, we could have been at a fish hatchery and they would have still enjoyed the entire afternoon. You can see in the photos how in love these two are. As cliché as it may sound, we felt lucky to capture the special moments. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to work with them again in the future.

The alpacas and llamas, they were the most curious and shy animals. While we were shooting, one snuck up right behind Wayne and peered over his shoulder like he was taking a peek at the screen. If you’ve never felt one, they have some of the softest hair, right up there with angora rabbits. While most of them are too skiddish to let you feel, the baby let us touch her coat. She then followed the four of us the rest of the afternoon.

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Sara - Such a gorgeous shoot, you two!

maricel - beautiful photos!!