Ocala, FL Senior Portraits | Brittany | Foxtale Photography

June had been so dry this year… up until this past weekend when we were meeting up with Brittany for her photo shoot in Ocala. We braved the bad weather and as luck would have it, the clouds lifted enough for us to get out and enjoy the cooler air that we’ve been missing. Brittany has a million-dollar smile and was just a joy to photograph. It’s always fun getting to know our clients and capturing those real moments during our shoots. One day, we’ll have to post a set of our jumping shots we have people do during our shoots, but in the meantime, get a sneak peek at the end of this series. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we had taking them.

David Jr. | Foxtale Photography | Mount Dora Family Photographers

After our beach shoot in Palm Coast, we headed inland to meet with David Jr. and his parents Zulbrit and David at Lake Dora. At the beach, we were able to beat the heat with the ocean breeze but in the middle of Florida it’s still scorching. You can see how rosy David Jr.’s cheeks were even after it cooled down a little. You would think the heat would wear a kid out after a little while, but he was having too much fun getting into his racing pose and then dashing for few seconds, then running back. He couldn’t get enough of his baseball, too, as we all took turns catching as he showed off his skills.

We had a blast with the young family and you’ll be seeing more of the parents after we shoot their wedding in October.

Meaghan of Enviously Green | Foxtale Photography

We met up with Meaghan in Palm Coast area to do her portrait session. She lives in St. Augustine and is the owner of Enviously Green Wedding & Event Planning. We started her photo shoot off at Washington Oaks State park where we were lucky enough to have a plenty of beautiful backgrounds to work with including that huge oak tree shown above. Just we moved on to the beach area, Meaghan spotted a barred owl, that was definitely a very cool sight to see. We had a cute little beach set up and we both were seriously sweating as we captured Meaghan enjoying the beach. We really enjoyed working with her and we’ll be working on a cool new project with her soon, so stay tuned!

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