6 Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day in Florida (w/ Kayleigh and Dylan)

With Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we wanted to give you a few ideas of how to celebrate the holiday around Central Florida. It just so happened we have this super sweet couple’s session with Kayleigh and Dylan here in Ocala. Like everything on Valentine’s Day, we recommend reserving your plans before they’re all booked up.

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1. Dinner and a movie in downtown Ocala. Whether you want a cozy indoor setting with the simmering aroma of cheese and bread or a moonlit table on the rooftop looking out at the stars, Pi on Broadway is the place to go in downtown Ocala. In walking distance of the historic Marion Theater, you can have a romantic evening in the comfort of town without fighting in line at all the chain restaurants on state road 200. If Italian isn’t your thing, there’s so many other great options all nearby… delicious Greek food at Feta, wonderful French food at La Cuisine, or the 70s-inspired fondue at The Melting Pot.

2. A sunset boat tour in Crystal River. Maybe downtown just isn’t your thing. You want to do something a little different with your Valentine. Let Mother Earth put on a show for you. The boat tours at the Crystal River Archeological State Park offer a beautiful Gulf coast sunset on the ocean. With plenty of choices for delicious seafood nearby, you can sit back and enjoy a more intimate and quiet outdoor Valentine’s location. Make reservations now!

3. Take your date to the prom in Gainesville. You’re not in high school anymore—so what? This is a second-chance prom. What a fun excuse to get all dressed up and take the person you’re with now and dance the night away! Fortunately for those with two left feet, there’s a lot of other activities for you and your date, like an art walk and a chance to take commemorative photos. No word yet if they’re going to crown a king and queen, but we recommend going all out to go for the gold.

4. Get real classy with fried chicken in The Villages. If a fancy restaurant just isn’t your thing, you can always try taking your date to the Chick-Fil-A Valentine’s Eve dinner in The Villages. OK, I can’t write this with a straight face. I know there’s probably some people who may like this sort of thing just for the fact that it’s Chick-Fil-A, but I don’t eat fried food and a chain restaurant isn’t my idea of romantic. But different strokes for different folks and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about—finding romance with a man or woman that doesn’t mind eating at a place that has signs held up by cartoonish cows that say “Eat Mor Chikin.”

5. Take a quaint stroll around downtown Mount Dora. Sitting right off of Lake Dora, the downtown area is perfect for romantic walks and lakeside sunset views. While you’re there, make sure to stop by Lucy and my favorite cupcake shop, Cupcake Delights, and pick up one of their Valentines-decorated treats. You can always pack your own picnic and take it down to one of the parks near the lake if you want to save a few dollars or if there’s no reservations available anywhere.

6. Tour a winery in Island Grove. If you’ve never taken a trip out to the Island Grove Winery outside of Citra, this is the perfect time. With blueberry season coming up, you’ll get a chance to see how they grow and bottle their award-winning fruit wines. And if you’re of drinking age, you can sample their different flavors and maybe pick up a bottle or two for when you get home. Romantic winery tours aren’t just for California anymore. We’ve been lucky enough to have spent many afternoons out on the farm and I can’t recommend it enough.

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If you’re interested in having a couple’s session like Kayleigh and Dylan here, shoot us an e-mail or message—we’d love to work with you!

Donald Giannatti - Cute couple, good article.

Hillarie - Amazing photos!!!!
I hope I can get classy on valentines day!

Senior Photos: More than just a headshot for the yearbook

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When I tell people that Lucy and I are high school senior portrait photographers, some don’t realize many students want more than just the headshot done in the high school gymnasium or auditorium with the slip on black dress or tuxedo top against a marbled grey backdrop. We create portraits of amazing teens who have made it through twelve long years of school that represent their personalities and to capture that moment before they leave the nest to move into adulthood.

While the classic black dress and fake pearls is great for the small photo for the yearbook, it doesn’t quite compete with a photo of yourself or your child in a natural setting wearing the clothes they love and feel comfortable in. Real smiles, real laughter, real expressions… you can’t get that from ten-seconds in front of a stranger behind bright lights with one shot.

We get to know our clients—their interests, hobbies, passions—and bring out the best of their personalities. Lucy and I work personally with the parents and seniors to create a session and experience they’ll always remember as one of the special and fun moments of their last year of high school. What our customers receive are portraits documenting an afternoon in that ever-so-fast moving last year. That’s enough of me telling you about it. Read what our past clients have said about our Foxtale senior portrait sessions on our testimonials page.

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With a warm break in this freezing winter weather we’ve had the last few weeks, we met up with the awesome Ryan Alana for a portrait shoot up in Gainesville last weekend. The recent University of Florida graduate killed it in front of the camera while we all talked about our post-college dreams of moving to Hawaii and that we should have really went to the beach instead. Should Foxtale just go ahead and move to the beach? We love shooting inland, too, though… fortunately we’re only an hour from the beach in any direction.

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