Senior Photos: More than just a headshot for the yearbook

smiling for senior photographs

When I tell people that Lucy and I are high school senior portrait photographers, some don’t realize many students want more than just the headshot done in the high school gymnasium or auditorium with the slip on black dress or tuxedo top against a marbled grey backdrop. We create portraits of amazing teens who have made it through twelve long years of school that represent their personalities and to capture that moment before they leave the nest to move into adulthood.

While the classic black dress and fake pearls is great for the small photo for the yearbook, it doesn’t quite compete with a photo of yourself or your child in a natural setting wearing the clothes they love and feel comfortable in. Real smiles, real laughter, real expressions… you can’t get that from ten-seconds in front of a stranger behind bright lights with one shot.

We get to know our clients—their interests, hobbies, passions—and bring out the best of their personalities. Lucy and I work personally with the parents and seniors to create a session and experience they’ll always remember as one of the special and fun moments of their last year of high school. What our customers receive are portraits documenting an afternoon in that ever-so-fast moving last year. That’s enough of me telling you about it. Read what our past clients have said about our Foxtale senior portrait sessions on our testimonials page.

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