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beautiful seashore landscape of jacksonville beach

We’ve been meaning to head over to the Jacksonville Beach area for a while now. The stars aligned the other day and we made the trip to catch the Sisters of the Sea annual surf competition and do a few portrait shoots. It was revitalizing, being at the beach, watching people surf and soak in the sun…I definitely came back recharged. There’s something just really great about shooting on the beach, which is why we’ll always offer beach sessions no matter where you are in the state.

sisters of the sea competition woman waves

Surfers of the Sea sign in Jacksonville Beach

woman surfing september competition jacksonville beach

shredding a big wave at the end of summer

Surfers shredding waves at the Pier

Not only is watching the surfers fun, but so is checking out all of the colorful and cool surfboards. They’re pieces of art on their own. I think this is even better than looking at them individually at the store or in magazines—you get to see how it matches the surfer’s personalities when you see them out in the wild.

surfers walking along shore void magazine

kids with colorful surfboards on florida coast

beautiful surfboards september day on Florida coast

We went up to the fishing pier to get a better view and were able to get right next to the surfers (at least it felt like it) without having to actually get into the water. Maybe one day I’ll get some underwater housings, but in the meantime this will do. It was hard to just pick a few photos to share with you on the blog. I think we’ll be heading back to catch the 2012 Florida Surfing Championships in October.

walking on water surfer funny catch

surf kayaker handlebar mustache catching waves

two dudes wipe out surfing on east coast

b&w lifeguard overlooking surf comp in jax beach

Colorful surfboards cute guys girls Florida beach

black and white beach goers summer days

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Kim - Love these shots, guys. Keep ’em comin’!! 🙂

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